Recruit Training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego

(Scroll down for the video) Welcome to the United States Marine Corps Recruit Training at the Marine Recruit Depot, San Diego. MCRD San Diego’s main mission is the initial training of enlisted male recruits living west of the Mississippi River. Over 21,000 recruits are trained each year. The Depot also is the home to the […]

How An AR-15 Rifle Works

(Scroll down for the video) The AR-15 rifle accepts standard standards NATO magazines with a variety of different capacities and has a grip protruding from the line of the cylinder head, which results in a highly adaptable and configurable rifle. It can be equipped with accessories such as a bipod, retractable or folding butstocks, with […]

Best Man Cave Wall Rack! MOD Walls

(Scroll down for the video) This video is centered on the subject of Man Cave Paneling. The host mentions that a lot of men face the problem of not being good at this. We then see the how the host fixes this problem, with an MOD Wall. He shows us what he has decided to […]