AR Versus AK Accuracy with Steel Cased Ammo

In this episode of TFB TV, James addresses comments on his AK Inaccuracy Mythbuster video that called for a better AR versus AK face-off. Here, James compares a Russian Saiga SGL-21 to an FN M4 in .223/5.56mm, with surprising results. Both guns are shot from 100 yards out of a Caldwell Lead Sled Dual Frame model, using 124gr 7.62×39 Wolf in the AK, and 55gr .223 Wolf in the M4. Five rounds of five shot groups were fired, and the best group was used for the video.

James gives a quick background review on his previous video, where he set out to prove that the AK was inaccurate. It was on the 7.62×39 AK-47. He used an AR-15 as a control. The purpose was to just debunk the myth that the AK was inaccurate. It wasn’t intended to be a comparison or base, and was not about AK versus AR.

Today, he has the Saiga and the FN. As far as the ammo goes, he’s using only steel-case. He could not find any brass ones. First up is the FN M4. He inspects the shots and uses calipers to measure the distance. Then the Saiga SGL-21, or Russian AK. James fires some rounds, and inspects them. He then compares the results from this video to those he shot for the Mythbuster video. The M4 slightly edged out the AK here.

For the naysayers who are going to say that he should have used brass, he says he did a video that will soon be posted showing that steel did better in that test, anyway. James concludes that, while never say an AK is going to be inherently more accurate than an AR, certainly modern models are keeping up. There are some varieties of the AK which are not inaccurate, since there are so many kinds of them. He clarifies the issues once more by saying that it really depends on the gun, at the end of the day – the kind of AR or AK on hand.



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