BOMBER SLUGS – Super Exotic Experimental Shotgun Round

The increasing availability of advanced technology for personal use has made it possible for civilians to play around with new concepts and come up with their own inventions in various fields. In weaponry, for example, creative thinkers keep coming up with interesting ammunition made of different materials, designed uniquely and prototyped for testing.

Tim of Tactical G-Code has come up with “bomber slugs,” which are bullets shaped like little rockets. The name is derived from the old-school dime-store cap bombs kids used to play with. Custom machine-made, the bomber slugs were made of aluminum and steel, fitted with an aluminum “nitro card” or support. The nitro card is a disc that goes on the tail end of the slug to spread its load when fired.

A team was asked to test these bomber slugs. At $220 per piece in production costs, these were quite expensive rounds, so only a few were made available. The experimenters used a CTK precision, P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest for safe, precise shooting to make sure no rounds were wasted.

Three targets were set up. The first was a row of giant ballistic gel gummy bears back by a large sandbox. The first bomber slug fired went straight through all the gel bears to the sandbox. It showed considerable damage after being dug out.

The second target was a large can of pickles pushed against the sandbox. The bomber slug went through the can, splitting it down the side. The slug was also too damaged to be reused. The last target was comprised of three jugs of water stacked in front of the sandbox. The slug pierced through to the sand, and upon recovery, showed to be reusable.

The experiment concluded that the bomber slugs, while strong enough as projectiles, had a bit of waggling when fired and a slight angling. They did show promise, though the production costs for these slugs will likely hinder any commercial uses, for now.


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