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This video is for CS:GO fans. This has been the most requested knife since he posted his Karambit video. Because of the California State Laws prohibit to have a butterfly knife, he made this one as a trainer knife and it is not sharp. INSTAGRAM- GOOGLE PLUS- SNAPCHAT- slav_20

World’s Fastest & Most Powerful Crossbow! Scorpyd Ventilator Extreme

TwangnBang introduces the Scorpyd Ventilator Extreme in this video. He begins by saying it figures that the company to meet Scorpyd’s fastest crossbow record would be its own product. In 2010, Scorpyd introduced the world’s fasted and most powerful commercially available crossbow, the RDT165. In 2015, Scorpyd upgraded three of its models to the Extreme, […]

Making a Modern Tanto for a UFC Legend

Walter Sorrells, master knife-maker, demonstrates how he made a modern defensive knife for jiujitsu coach extraordinaire, John Danaher. The blade was modeled after a type of Japanese tanto knife known as osoraku, and combines the best of modern and ancient techniques and materials – all fit for a contemporary samurai. Danaher, a student of martial […]

Crazy AR: New Cobalt Kinetics B.A.M.F

Live from the 2016 Shot Show, Eric from Moss Pawn and Gun is detailing a one of a kind shotgun that some hope to be the wave of the future, the new Cobalt Kinetics B.A.M.F. The acronym B.A.M.F. stands for Billet Aluminum Modern Firearm. This AR has crazy firepower and some specifications that are 100% […]


This video by the Royal Nonesuch is a review of a homemade .22 CAL Injection Knife. The narrator loads the Injection Knife with .22 blanks and black powder to blow up some seasonal fruits. In order to operate the gun, the narrator first unscrews the back handle of the Injection Knife. The back handle reveals […]