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REAL X-MEN WOLVERINE Fully Automatic Claws

REAL X-MEN WOLVERINE Fully Automatic Claws — Colin Furze has made the best Wolverine claws imitations ever. These 12-inch steel edges are completely programmed: they can deploy or withdraw at the simple push of a button. We’ve seen numerous tries at making these, however nothing as astonishing as this these ones. What’s more, without a doubt, you […]

Forging a Knife From Cable

Ever see something and say “He better make a knife out of it”? Thank you to Luis Montez for his expert sledge work. Do not use galvanized or coated cable for forging. These are the most commonly available cables (i.e. Home Depot, Lowes and even online wire rope retailers) and will release poisonous fumes.

Steyr M95 Straight-Pull Semiauto Conversion

Ian talks about the Steyr M95 in this episode of Forgotten Weapons. The Steyr M95 rifle is a straight-pull carbine that has been converted into a semiautomatic by adding a gas piston under the barrel connected to the bolt carrier. It also has an extension to the stock and receiver for the bolt to travel […]

Calico Forge MK45 Combat Knife

Is Calico Forge MK45 worth the 450$? A combat knife is a blade with a sharp edge intended to cause a deadly harm in a physical showdown between two or more people at short range. In contrast, the battle blade, or a trench blade, is a military battling blade. The Calico Forge Mk 45 Assault is […]

How to make a paper combat knife – paper weapons

The video demonstrates how to make an 8-inch paper knife via origami, using only a sheet of A4 metallic paper, scotch tape, scissors, a ruler, very precise measurements, a lot of imagination and creativity. The results – a surprisingly realistic-looking weapon that can be quite capable of deterring would-be opponents, especially if it’s dark out […]

Glock or M&P? – Which is Better?

This video from Green Light Shooting seeks to answer an age old question: what gun is better, Glock or Smith and Wesson’s M&P? Chad says this is the first video he’s bringing to viewers from his new studio, which he’s really excited about. Today’s topic features two of his favorite guns: the Smith and Wesson […]

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 – REVIEW – Nearly Indestructible Tank of a Knife

Ka-Bar Becker is manufactured by Kabar in the good old US Ave. BK2 is a fixed blade with a fine edge you can see a survival knife that’s made from quarter-inch or 6.4 millimeters thick $10.95 Grove and steel which is similar to $10.95 high carbon steel was a bit of chromium for some stain resistance in vanadium for additional hardness blade is covered in a […]

Who wants one OTF Knives ??

(Scroll down for video) Like , Share & Comment ‘Done’ if you want Happy Thanksgiving Blade Addicts! – Check out the huge door buster sales today at via Blade.Addict

Auron’s “Katana” Build

Check out this amazing homemade sword called the Auron’s Katana. This sword is a mythical sword with large dimensions. The guy from michaelcthulhu uploaded a video on his YouTube channel making and testing the sword. If you ever consider making one yourself this is an awesome explanation guide on how to do it. This sword […]