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How Does a Pump-Action Shotgun Work?

How Does a Pump-Action Shotgun Work? Shotguns are nice guns. an enormous variety of them exist so much and wide. Also, we’ve seen them abandoning million of times, typically in motion pictures and on TV. In any case, however do shotguns work? so, we tend to as a whole understand, isn’t that so? You “pump” […]

Exploding Arrowhead! Bow Mag 357 Magnum

The Bow Mag Exploding Arrowhead promises to be the new technology on serious archery power. The Bow Mag Arrowhead will hold any .38 Special or .357 Magnum cartridge. When fired with enough velocity, the cartridge ignites upon impact, and serious destruction on target is achieved. The arrowhead must come in contact with something solid with […]

Shotgun Shell exploding OUTSIDE a gun – What Happens?

(Scroll down for the video) Shotgun Shell exploding OUTSIDE a gun – What Happens? Have you seen a shell that explodes just as it leaves the barrel?A shotgun cartridge is the standard type of ammunition used on a shotgun.The cartridge has a cylindrical shape and normally measures between 2.75 inches (70 mm) and 3.5 inches […]

Japanese Bow – Weapon of the Samurai

The beginning of archery in Japan is, as elsewhere, pre-historical. The first images picturing the distinct Japanese bow are from the Yayoi period . The first written document describing Japanese archery is the Chinese chronicle Weishu (dated around 297 AD), which tells how in the Japanese isles people use “a wooden bow that is short from […]

Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Super Magnum Sniper Rifle [VIDEO]

Based on the DNA of the battle proven AW series, the advanced new generation AX338 bolt action rifle inherits all the toughness, reliability, superb accuracy and ease of maintenance of its celebrated predecessor. The AX rifle’s Magnum action retains the same flat-bottomed design, but is longer (CIP/SAAMI) and wider to facilitate a compact and reliable […]

German FG42 – One of the most beautiful rifles ever

Meet the FG 42 rifle, a rifle from the SMGR. The FG 42 was a battle rifle of selective fire produced by Germany during World War II. The weapon was developed for the parachute hunters who framed in the Luftwaffe, needed a specific light support after their experience in the Battle of Crete. At first […]

The Ultimate Russian Survival Rifle Sees Some Action

The Ultimate Russian Survival Rifle Sees Some Action – Credits to BigDaddyHoffman – After visiting a gun shop and searching for something unique, these two lads are testing the Baikal IZH 94 chambered in 12ga and 7.63×39 double-barrel rifle. They are taking a close look at the weapon, naming it “The Russian Survival Rifle”, mostly […]

B-52 Stratofortress Bombers In Action

Various shots of Barksdale’s B-52 Stratofortress bombers in action, from take offs to training runs. Credits: A1C Jayson Burns, A1C Shellby Matullo, A1C Lauren OConnor, SSSgt. Tyler Prince, A1C Gabriel Stuart | 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs | Date: 09.10.2015.