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.50 BMG exploding OUTSIDE a gun – What Happens?

(Scroll down for video) In this video, we see what happens when a .50 bmg round is set off outside the chamber of a gun. Will the brass shell make the bullet travel at a higher velocity and be more dangerous than the shotgun shell?


A huge thanks to magnum “Get Your Shot On” for creating this video possible with their unbelievable M82 50 Caliber sniper rifle. And thanks for truly reading the description! What a fine person you’re. This video was almost never made; I knew no one who owned or knew the whereabouts of a fifty cal sniper […]

“Supersonic Wrecking Ball” French SOLENGO Shotgun Slug

They test out more ammo you never heard of before, the Solengo shotgun slug from France. We have a few more slugs that David from France sent to use, so stay tuned for those. While most shots were decent, a couple using a different type of powder caused failures. Definitely not the fault of the […]

“PNEU” 50cal

Matt from Demolition Ranch shows off the Dragon Claw made by a Korean brand, which they call a big-bore air gun. He says when he thinks of an air rifle, he usually thinks of a BB gun – something that might help young kids to shoot. Or it could be an airsoft gun, where people […]

[VIDEO] Slam Fire Shotgun

This video by DemolitionRanch features the Ithaca Model 37 DS Police Special. It is a fully semi-automatic pump action shotgun. Most people carry surfboards on top of their Baja Beetles, but in Texas, they carry shotguns on top of their Baja Beetles. The shotgun was made in Ithaca, New York. One of the gun’s most […]


Metal Storm Limited was a research and development company based in Brisbane, Australia that specialized in electronically initiated superposed load weapons technology and owned the proprietary rights to the electronic ballistics technology invented by J. Mike O’Dwyer. The Metal Storm name applied to both the company and technology. Check the video below for more info

12 Most Insane Bullets in the World

(Scroll down for video) He will talk about the most extreme ammunition. Cold-blooded bullets made of ice in the literal sense, explosive charges and incredible electromagnetic cannon bullets which are 7 times faster than the speed of sound.

17 HMR shot, 282 yard kill, V-Max ballistic tip

Long range shot with clean kill on a rabbit, at 282 yards and an 8mph cross wind. It is a fine demonstration of just how good this little rifle is, in the correct hands. It is not for everyone and if you have flaws in your technique, you won’t be able to pull this sort […]