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Shooting The World’s Smallest Gun

The video features the world’s smallest gun – the Japanese 2mm pinfire pistol. It is so small it fits in a matchbox – with room to spare for bullets. The bullets themselves are around one and a half inch in length and achieve a speed up to 1000 feet per second. However, its energy is […]

World’s Dumbest Redneck

Having crusaded for gun rights for the last four years MATTV2099 and other freedom loving patriots were rewarded with a huge win for gun freedom with the election of Donald Trump. Here we celebrate freedom with the latest Mattv2099 epic video. I present to you: World’s Dumbest Rednecks. Brah. Lets show our support for Donald […]

Top Ten Concealed Carry Guns (of all time)

There are many guns with great qualities out there, but when it comes to the best concealed carry guns, the list narrows down. Concealed carry guns, at their best, combine functionality and reliability with accuracy, handling and most of all, size. Here is a top ten list of concealed carry guns.


4th Platoon D Co 2-5 IN 3/1 AD Camera is on my gunner, firefight was around four hours long involving three enemy SAF sections, one RPG team (who we killed a month later), and an 82mm mortar team. The camera died about halfway through before it started getting really dicey, the Taliban only stoped engaging […]

[VIDEO] Apache Helicopter Doing Barrel Rolls Mid-Air With Flares

Apache Helicopter Doing Barrel Rolls Mid-Air With Flares – Credits go to FoxTwopl Have you ever seen an AH-64D Apache helicopter doing barrel rolls mid-air? I am going to guess you said no, well we haven’t either. In any case you are going to lose your virginity in light of the fact that the Royal […]

Could You Survive Three M16 Bullets to the Chest?

(Scroll down for the video) Could You Survive Three M16 Bullets to the Chest? – Credits to Smithsonian Channel A guns specialist and an trauma specialist will give us an answer by reproducing a scene from the 1986 war film, Platoon. With the assistance of a fast camera, we will get a good idea on […]