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.500 Magnum vs Watermelons – Smith & Wesson Cal.50 Magnum Revolver

.500 Magnum vs Watermelons – Smith & Wesson Cal.50 Magnum Revolver The mighty .500 S&W Magnum demonstrates its massive authority in a little bit of fun.! I always wondered what a “watermelon shower” was like. Now I know quite well. Ammo used in this video was HSM .500 S&W 350 Grain JHP. I have some […]

[VIDEO] Apache Helicopter Doing Barrel Rolls Mid-Air With Flares

Apache Helicopter Doing Barrel Rolls Mid-Air With Flares – Credits go to FoxTwopl Have you ever seen an AH-64D Apache helicopter doing barrel rolls mid-air? I am going to guess you said no, well we haven’t either. In any case you are going to lose your virginity in light of the fact that the Royal […]

$40,000 Handgun With 30mm Grenade Launcher

In appearance, Rico’s Signature Gun is reminiscent of the Holdt R4 Pitbulls from the first Just Cause, albeit larger. In terms of power the weapon exceeds the Pitbulls by far, making it a lethal addition to Rico’s arsenal. Note that the two bullets on the pre-order picture are the .454 magnum cartridge and the 30mm […]

10 Best Countries for Gun Owners

You can tell a lot about a national government by its trust of law-abiding, armed citizens. Nations with a functioning government in place were considered and judged based on their rates of civilian firearm ownership, open or concealed carry legislation and other factors. Here are ten of the world’s best countries for gun owners. 10. Honduras The Good: Hondurans […]

10 Concealed Carry Handguns That Are Compact and Powerful

At this moment in time, small handguns offer people a great tactical advantage in several situations, and are also becoming a trend for both men and women thanks to their size, looks and power. When it comes down to talking about small pistols, numerous members of the gun community disagree with the idea of owning […]

10 Firing Positions That Will Make You Cringe

Let’s face it- there are some really bad shooters out there. From third world hellholes to your cousin in Chicago, some people could really benefit from a basic safety course, let alone a tactical class. Here is a collection of ten frustrating, entertaining and occasionally downright bizarre shooting behaviors. 10. I suppose that is one way […]

10 Guns Every Hunter Should Have In Their Collection

There are some guns you need, and some guns you just want – here’s a list with a bit of both. You could shoot anything, anywhere with this group as your arsenal. Some of these guns have stood the test of time and some are more recent emergents. Whether planning a hunting trip in Missouri or Mongolia, one […]