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10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Soldiers In The World

Nations around the world each spend billions upon billions yearly when it comes to their respective militaries. New tanks, planes, ships and equipment for their soldiers is always on the shopping list. After all, you have to keep your military in tip top shape with the best of everything, right? When we picture our military […]

Marine Corps Scout Snipers vs U.S. Army Snipers

Two Clips – First clip showing Marine Corps Scout Snipers training with various sniper rifles at the Bradshaw Training Area in Australia. Second clip showing U.S. Army Snipers at Outpost Mace, AF.

XM25 Individual Airburst Weapon System

The XM25 Individual Airburst Weapon System.The XM25 is an airburst grenade launcher derived from the XM29 OICW. It fires 25 mm grenades that are set to explode in mid-air at or near the target. A laser rangefinder in the gun is used to determine the distance to the target. The user can manually adjust the […]

Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the jungle! A training center located in Japan where the United States Marines from the 3rd Marine division are performing their training tasks. Check out the video to see how hard their training is, and what they speak about it. The 3rd Marine Division is an infantry division of the United States Marine […]

Iraqi sniper 62 years old

Iraqi sniper 62 years old who has fought in five wars kills over 173 ISIS fighters less than a year Iraqi sniper Abu Tahseen(Shia Muslim) 62-year-old Abu Tahseen joined the Popular Mobilization Units as a volunteer. in May 2015 to defend his homeland – Iraq who has fought in five wars claims he has wiped […]

SUPER FAST Piasecki X 49A Helicopter for US Military

Helicopter The Piasecki X-49 is a four-bladed, twin-engined, experimental compound helicopter under development by Piasecki Aircraft. The X-49A is based on the airframe of a Sikorsky YSH-60F Seahawk, but utilizes Piasecki’s proprietary vectored thrust ducted propeller (VTDP) design and includes the addition of lifting wings. The concept of the experimental program is to apply the […]