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How to Make a Smoke Grenade Using a Soda Can

How To Make a Smoke Grenade Using a Soda Can — Ever wondered how to make a smoke grenade? Smoke grenades are generally used in combat but they could also come in handy in everyday life. Smoke grenades are and awesome way to provide cover for a getaway, or to attract attention. This video demonstrates […]

How to Load a California .50 Cal Quickly with MA Loader

He has been in California and he found it such a pain to deal with all of the regulations in order to comply with state laws. He explains some of the differences between the laws then and now regarding magazines in rifles. He also discusses a bit on ballots and the rights to bear arms, […]

How To Make a Cornstarch Fueled Flamethrower At Homess

(Scroll down for the video) How To Make a Cornstarch Fueled Flamethrower At Home – Credits to Danger First Check out the cornstarch flamethrower, because you need to have one. Just if there should arise an occurrence of that unavoidable zombie apocalypse, or some other cataclysmic event, the cornstarch flamethrower is quite the device needed […]

No NFA. Not an SBS. The Black Aces FIREARM is what the ATF calls it

The new “firearm” by Black Aces Tactical has all the characteristics of a short shotgun, without the name. It shoots 2 3/4″ shotgun shells, uses a pump for cycling, and even leaves a big hole in whatever it shoots. But the ATF’s own wording was used to design a firearms that cannot be called a […]

BOMBER SLUGS – Super Exotic Experimental Shotgun Round

The increasing availability of advanced technology for personal use has made it possible for civilians to play around with new concepts and come up with their own inventions in various fields. In weaponry, for example, creative thinkers keep coming up with interesting ammunition made of different materials, designed uniquely and prototyped for testing. Tim of […]

How to Operate an Elephant-Sized Lahti ANTI TANK GUN

How to Operate an Elephant-Sized Lahti ANTI TANK GUN — Lahti is a 20 mm anti tank rifle made in Finland and utilized during the Second World War. It had fantastic accuracy, penetration, and range, however its size made transportation troublesome. It was nicknamed “The Elephant Gun”, and as tanks developed armor too thick for […]

AR 15 Premium Upper Build : DIY How to

The AR-15 is a gas-operated rifle that has been a constant favorite among civilians and military personnel. Available in different versions and sizes, the AR-15 comes in semi-automatic, burst fire and fully automatic models. Lightweight, air-cooled and magazine-fed, this rifle fires an intermediate cartridge and is made mainly with aluminum alloys and other synthetic materials.

How To Install Glock Night Sights

Eric introduces an MGW device for Glock sights adjustments that pushes the sights in and out. There are digital calipers for tightening, an Aro-Tek Glock tool set, a pair of Glocks that the sights will be put on. Glocks are excellent guns, but a lot of people have problems with the factory sights so upgrading […]

How to make a TRIP-WIRE ALARM

In this video by MrGear, he demonstrates how to make a strike-ball trip-wire alarm. If you are planning a campfire or special effect, this method might come in handy for you. How to make a TRIP-WIRE ALARM A trip-wire alarm is one of the most basic security systems, designed to be easily installed. The conventional […]

FG42 Rifle Review (Smith Machine Group Reproduction)

This video is about the German Fallschirmjägergewehr 42, commonly known as the FG42. The rifle was designed as a multi-role combat small arm for airborne troops that was part rifle and part light machine gun. Only about 10,000 were made during World War II, but the design was very influential.