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JUICERS – 12ga Shotgun Slugs for STORM TROOPERS

Test some custom CNC’d bi-metal slugs that Tim from Tactical G-Code made on his crazy robot machine. On Facebook it was decided that these would be called “Juicer” slugs. These were 1oz. in weight and had 5 points. A modern shotgun slug is a heavy lead, copper-covered lead or other material (like steel[1] or wax) […]

Rossi 12 Gauge Shotgun Pistol

(Scroll down for the video) This is why shotguns have shoulder stocks.Would you shoot a shotgun turned into a pistol? This guy did, and his reaction is priceless. Check out what this incredibly hard-recoiling Rossi 12 Gauge Shotgun Pistol is all about. I am not sure I would want to shoot one of these. I […]

Skeet Shooting with Asian Jumping Fish

(Scroll down for the video) This looks a bit too amusing to possibly be legitimate. Exploiting silver carp’s inclination to bounce noticeable all around when startled, this man firearms them down like clays with his shotgun. Since Asian carp are a very intrusive animal groups that rival more profitable, and defenseless, angle, this can been […]

This Is How You Feed The Belly Of A B-52 Stratofortress

(Scroll down for the video) Unless you’ve done it yourself in the service, not many people know how a B-52 gets loaded up with bombs. This video, although a bit long at 13 minutes, will show you exactly that. For time’s sake, we found a good point to start you off about 5 minutes in […]


(Scroll down for the video) 10 Most Dangerous and DEADLY Melee Weapons In The World! Subscribe to never miss a video: The “swordbreaker” name is more fantastical in nature than it is strict. Best case scenario, a flick of the wrist would bolt the teeth around the cutting edge of a cutlass, or apply enough […]

Massive Korea & U.S. Marines Amphibious Beach Landing

(Scroll down for the video) Footage of Republic of Korea and U.S. Marines executing a massive combined amphibious forcible entry landing Mar. 31 at Dokseok-ri Beach in Pohang, ROK during exercise Ssang Yong 2014. The exercise demonstrates the combined responsive amphibious and expeditionary capabilities from the sea while enhancing the partnership and interoperability among participating […]

10 Most Attractive Female Armed Military Forces

(Scroll down for the video) 10 Most Attractive Female Armed Forces – They all looked really hot in uniform even we do not see a naked body parts. Girls are still ready to protect their own countries.

2 Snipers vs 38 Somali Pirates

(Scroll down for the video) 2 Navy Snipers vs 38 Somali Pirates – Robbery in the Indian Ocean has been a danger to worldwide transportation since the Somali Civil War in the mid 21st century. Since 2005, numerous worldwide associations have communicated worry over the ascent in demonstrations of theft. Naval Forces working together under […]

Somali Pirates VS Ship’s Private Security Guards

(Scroll down for the video) The deadly fight between Somali pirates and a Private security guard on board a cargo ship. when pirates were trying to board the ship. Security guards fire dozens more rounds at the vessel which eventually retreats. This Incident have taken place in the Indian ocean in 2012. It has come […]