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This is a GIANT fighting robot!

(Scroll down for video) They ran into a giant mech at Maker Faire! Megabots’ creators constructed this massive concept robot in hopes of building a league of combat bot’s for spectators. Their fighting robots would be piloted by teams of drivers, and use massive hand-made paintballs to knock armor and other pieces off of their […]

Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft (FFG) – Protected Mission Module Carrier (PMMC) G5

(Scroll down for the video) Check out the FFG Company’s latest master piece – PMMC G5. The Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft mbH (FFG) is a medium-sized German company based in Flensburg which ranges Defense Technology repair, vehicle and vehicle conversion operates. At first sailboats were built, and then steamers lay on keel. This time they present […]

Crazy Expensive New Helicopter That Costs More Than F-35: CH-53K King Stallion

Crazy Expensive New Helicopter That Costs More Than F-35: CH-53K King Stallion – Credits to AiirSource Military Meet the Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion. It is a large heavy lift cargo helicopter that is currently developed by the United States Marine Corps. The Defense Acquisition Board gave them the green light to begin initial production. Sikorsky […]

A-10 Warthog, Apache And Kiowa Take Turns Obliterating Terrorists

When you’re in the $#*!, there’s nothing better than the familiar sound of one of your CAS angels. When you’ve been fighting and trying to penetrate through an open field like in this case, getting exposed is the last thing you want to do. So…you call your friend for some support but in this case, […]

There’s A Place That’ll Let You Drive A Tank And Crush Cars

The park is simply called “Drive A Tank.” No more, no less. This is the perfect name because it’s exactly what it allows you to do. Located in 550 W Cherry St., Kasota, MN, these people made some bWe won’t go through all of them here but feel free to go to the link above […]


The video below will tell you, in a short time, how winglets accomplish that. It’s really not that difficult to understand (the concept), but a lot of forces are at play here. Planes can fly due to lift. There is negative and positive pressure acting on the wings, but at the tips you have a […]

Reloading An Apache With 30mm Rounds Is Harder Than You’d Think

This video is pretty neat in our opinion. Although most of you know of the power and capability of an AH-64 Apache, you probably have no idea how its chain gun is loaded, unless of course, you have done it yourself. This video, although 9 minutes long, will show you the entire process. A YouTube […]

Ultimate Low Flying Jets & Sonic BOOM Compilation

Most extreme sonic booms and low flying planes compilation ever. Planes flying at insane speeds. Breaking the sound barrier. Faster than the speed of sound. High powered aircraft doing amazing things.Planes flying very low and very fast. Fastest low flying jets. Category People & Blogs