How To Install Glock Night Sights

Eric introduces an MGW device for Glock sights adjustments that pushes the sights in and out. There are digital calipers for tightening, an Aro-Tek Glock tool set, a pair of Glocks that the sights will be put on. Glocks are excellent guns, but a lot of people have problems with the factory sights so upgrading and switching them out is quite common.

There are two sights Eric will use: Trijicon HD Night Sights with tritium, a substance that glows by itself in the dark because it is mildly radioactive, and TXF TruGlo, which is a combination of fiber optics and tritium which means both good daytime and nighttime capabilities – they will glow for 12 years.

Eric begins the demonstration by getting the slide off, making sure the chamber’s empty and the magazine’s off. He then takes the slide to the MGW fixture, which serves as another set of hands, and puts the slide into the fixture, tightening it to hold it down. The fixture allows for micro-adjustments, so it’s quite useful. Using two front sight disassembly tools from Glock, he unscrews the front sight and pops it out. He advises to keep the original sights in case you want to switch it back.

He begins with the Trijicon sights, screwing it onto the front and adding a bit of glue. Then he places the rear sight, using the fixture to slide the rear sight in. He uses the caliper to make sure the rear sight is absolutely centered and zeroed.

Eric then demonstrates the redneck way of doing this, saying that you’ll need a small punch tool to remove the factory sights. He secures the slide in the clamp and carefully hammers the rear sight off using the punch tool. He then install the TruGlo, just sliding it in and using the punch tool and hammer to carefully get the rear sight in, being careful not to crush the tritium vial. For skinny, long front sights that might bend when put in, just screw the sight in loosely, flip the slide over, pinching the sight gently in between the clamp. Then tighten the screw. Put the Glock back together and you’re ready to go.


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