Reliability Test! HK VP9 Redemption?

This video by the Military Arms Channel features the channel’s most requested reliability or torture test – the HK VP9 Striker Fired Pistol. The host of the video will run the HK VP9 through basic elements tests and standardized gauntlet tests to see how this popular and affordable pistol fares.

For the elements reliability test, the HK VP9 is loaded with Fiocchi 124gr ball ammunition. The host shoots the first ten rounds to show that the HK VP9 is working. For the first test, he submerges the HK VP9 into tap water. He takes the pistol out of the water and shoots the next ten rounds without a hitch.

Next, he drops the HK VP9 into sand. He presses the pistol into the sand on one side and again on the other. After that, he picks up the HK VP9 and starts to shoot. The first bullet got out fine, but after that the HK VP9 failed to go into battery. He does immediate action, but the trigger is still dead. He pounds the gun into battery and it manages to fire the remaining bullets.

For the next round, he drops the gun into dirt. Just like the sand, he presses the gun into the dirt on one side and again on the other. He encounters a dead trigger, because the gun is not in battery. He taps the pistol to get it into battery and proceeds shooting the rounds.


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